ALTO Track: How to Include Analytics in Logistics
4 Mayo, 2020

In order to be able to translate all of the data yielded by logistics into information that would enable actions, it is very important to identify the best indicators for following up trips, loads and deliveries, among others.

During the last decade, data has become the main value added in organizations. The world of logistics is huge, with various actors taking part in the logistic cycle of loads, since they exit the production or distribution centre until they arrive at the marketing place. In order to be able to translate all of the data yielded by logistics into information that would enable actions, it is very important to identify the best indicators for following up trips, loads and deliveries, among others.

Operational follow‑up KPIs play an essential role in finding those bottleneck actions that could be improved. In this type of industry, aspects such as time reduction, shipment optimization and in‑transit security, together with alert generation and management, provide a great competitive advantage.

Carriers are important players in logistics. Within the supply chain, they are in charge of effectively transporting goods (by land, air or sea). Their activity yields data on times (loading, waiting, travel and others), routes (planned and actual stops), distances (between stops) and in‑transit events (traffic, weather, incidents relating to demonstrations).

It is at this point where analytics can make the difference between successful and failed shipments. Having the information is not enough. Knowing how to handle it, manage routes, and optimize loads, as well as fleets themselves, become most important. This objective can be met through the following steps: gathering the data and studying the quality thereof, to further prepare and display the information for analysis and automation.

An important improvement to be implemented in this sphere is an optimal management of alerts, because applying analytic procedures can reduce false positives and focus on events that actually require actions. Knowing who is carrying their loads and in what vehicles is essential to clients. This leads to implementing driver and vehicle evaluation models, considering factors such as events in which they have been involved, experience, carrier permits, among other observations.

At ALTO Track, we are working towards translating this data into information. To this end, we have implemented the use of the IoT for data capture (GPS and sensors associated with carrier vehicles). This enables the generation of real‑time vehicle location indicators, travelled distances, planned and unplanned stops, load conditions, among others. At this point, we are faced with the challenge of handling large volumes of data, because the solution works for any company with moving assets (by land, air or sea). ALTO Track’s proposal consists in using technologies to meet each client’s needs while minimizing operating costs.

ALTO Track’s objective is to become a pioneer in moving data analysis with real‑time display, control of exceptions and moving asset trajectory. To achieve this objective, we have formed a team of people from various knowledge areas, all contributing to the development of a solution that is suited to find that added value of data, and thus, be able to provide our clients with all of the answers needed to solve their difficulties and meet the specific needs of their respective business operations.



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