Executive Team

Meet our executive team that works in cooperation with more than 600 contributors from 6 countries in yielding operational upgrades and improving business results using state‑of‑the‑arts technologies.

Jorge Nazer
ALTO’s Founder
Alejandra Mardones
Corporate Director of Operations and Finance ALTO
Cristián López
ALTO Chief Product Officer & ALTO USA CEO
Ray Adams
Chief Operating Officer ALTO Alliance USA
Eduardo Budge
General Director ALTO Alliance Mexico
María de los Angeles Kassis
General Manager ALTO Alliance Chile
Todd Hooper
General Director ALTO Alliance Spain
David Rojas
General Manager ALTO Alliance Colombia
Juan Cristóbal Palacios
General Manager Inmune
Carlos Honorato
General Manager ALTO MovUp
Carolina Saavedra
Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager ALTO
Edgar Escobar
Gabriela Villanueva
Corporate Manager Human Resources ALTO
Gonzalo Irarrázaval
Corporate Innovation & New Business Manager
Brian Weisberg
Director de Analítica ALTO Alliance USA

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