Our specialties

A technological solution enabling the integration of different sources of information to solve problems based on operational exceptions by yielding simple automated actions for improving your business results.

Technological platform that integrates large volumes of data from the entire operational cycle. On our platform, you can monitor, view and analyze the movements of your assets in real time, so as to trigger actions aimed at an operational excellence and reduced risks.

Using a technological platform and value‑added services, we reduce absenteeism, by analyzing data, together with educating and supporting companies and their people, to increase productivity and create healthy work places.

Platform that allows your organization establish the highest levels of compliance, simplifying your recruiting process. Our Background Check management software gathers data from different sources of information to perform analysis that will help you to make smart decisions.

We are Multi-industry

ALTO has different products, responding to the needs of customers from various industries, focusing their action to generate operational efficiency.


Our Model

ALTO’s business model takes the information, integrates it, analyzes it and generates different actions that allow to create operational efficiency. Our model impacts the entire organization, generating improvements in operational areas, human resources and final customer, among others, with the aim of improving results. ALTO closes the gap between insight and action.

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