Protected reopening before COVID-19

We help you reopen your stores, premises and points of sale in the safest and most efficient manner, on a platform capable of integrating all of your information in a single place, offering:

The integration

of events

A real-time analysis function

and the capability of configuring task checklists and push options

Automated actions

and reports on your entire operation

Without leaving the sales floor ALTO Alliance enables you to report various types of events on COVID 19 related deviations that may occur in your stores or premises.

Do you need to solve something?

Create immediate tasks for your work teams.

To be able to open your premises,
conduct checklist audits on sanitization and safety with Yes, No or N/A answers, posting comments and photographic evidence.

From the App, push immediate tasks
focused on activities, daily actions or both

Our checklists
are drawn from the best international practices of our network of clients based in Chile, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.

The checklist audits and task push
function are run from the ALTO Alliance App and may be planned, so that you can coordinate your field teams.

It enables you to keep records
of the hygiene and safety measures implemented in your stores, premises and points of sale, which will be available in case of any inspections by authorities.

Visualiza reportes automáticos
en tiempo real con los resultados de tus Tareas Checklists Covid-19 y/o Tareas – Push además de tus indicadores globales.

We define the best practices to help you
abide by all applicable laws and regulations,

so that your operation is protected and safe for both your people and clients.

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