Our History
We are made of effort and innovation

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ALTO began in 2005 as a social innovation,


with a supermarket in southern Chile that experienced constant theft.

A model was created that combined zero tolerance to retail crime alongside deterrent marketing, with the aim of changing people’s criminal behaviors and attacking petty theft.

The three-pillar model focused on innovation systems, criminal prosecution, and deterrent marketing. Within a year of the model’s original implementation, crime in ALTO stores was reduced by 23%,  the following year crime was down by 50% and the client’s work environment significantly improved.

This opened the doors for ALTO to move from a single store to be present in more than 80% of the retail market in Chile.

ALTO focuses on the prevention and reduction of capital losses in any type of industry. We entered various industries, including ​​basic services, logistics, industrial, food, health, among others. We opened new markets in Colombia, Mexico, Spain, United States, and Peru.

ALTO’s next evolution was from a reactive model to a proactive one. We also evolved from a model with a legal focus, to one focused on prevention of capital losses, to arrive today at a model that, integrates data, analyzes and provides insight driven action to generate operational efficiency.

14 years after its creation, the ALTO brand is present in over 25 thousand locations, in more than 280 customers, in 6 countries, and in more than 150 cities.

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